Retro Beanbag

The Beans

We would like nothing more than to send you your new Retro Beanbag full of beans and ready to go, but the cost of shipping bulky items around the world would make the exercise a trifle expensive! Therefore Retro Beanbags are sent as covers only.

Beanbag chairs, as we know them, are filled with expanded polystyrene ‘beans’, which are lightweight, comfortable, cheap and fairly easy to obtain. They look like pearls, about the size of peas.

The beans are generally available in large bags of about 150 liters. Stores selling plastics goods and many larger department stores should stock polystyrene beans, or you could try locating them from plastics companies specialising in manufacturing polystyrene packaging or building panels. The beans are first ‘blown’ before being cooked and compressed into shapes.

Polystyrene is a flammable product that should be kept well clear of open fireplaces, heaters and burners. We recommend that you attempt to locate flame-retardant polystyrene beans.

Beanbags do require topping up from time to time, as the beans compress and dry out. Retro Beanbags have locking zippers in the base, which makes filling and emptying easier. If you wish to wash your beanbag cover, we recommend emptying the beans into a cardboard box or paper sack, as the static can cause them to stick to plastic bags.

How many do I need?

This is meant as a guide, but remember, Retro Beanbags are far more comfortable sitting in than sitting on, so if you don’t feel right, adjust the beans to suit.

Classic kids 75 liters/2.5 cu feet/1.75 kg
Classic Adult 150 liters/5 cu feet/3.5 kg
Classic Xtra large 300 liters/10 cu feet/7 kg
Classic Double 450 liters/15 cu feet/10.5 kg
Designer Adult 300 liters/10 cu feet/7 kg
Small pet 75 liters/2.5 cu feet/1.75 kg
Medium pet 125 liters/4 cu feet/2.75 kg
Large pet 250 liters/8.5 cu feet/9 kg