Oversized Bean Bags

Oversized Bean Bags: Your Family’s New Couch

Extra large bean bag chairs are pretty much a necessity for any growing family. A bean bag chair suits every member’s needs. They’re durable and strong, so kids can climb and play on them. Mom and dad can cosy up and watch a movie. And everyone who comes over will have a place to sit, because oversized bean bags are big enough for lots of people to sit on!

We now have an EXCLUSIVE range of battery powered bean bags, that heat up, and light up! Similar to an Electric Trolling Motor Battery, the small battery goes in the bean bag to operate the functions. Ask our sales team about this new range today.

Now we here at Bean Bags King refer to them as “giant bean bag chairs” but you can refer to them as bean bag sofas too. They’re anywhere from six to eight feet long and can comfortably fit three to four adults (or five or six kids). Cuddle up with your sweetie or have extra seating for any large gathering. Kids have a great time crawling all over them. These monsters give off an appearance of a relaxed, fun room. They go great in your den, your basement, your game room, or your children’s room. But you can also make them sophisticated enough to throw in a formal office or bedroom.

Just ask Google and Apple!

If you need an extra bed, an oversized bean bag chair can easily sleep two people. Comfortable and supportive, this is an experience your guest will appreciate! No more stiff necks from a night on a pull out sofa. Bean bag chairs, especially those that are full of memory foam, provide support for your back, neck, and head, and you are less disruptive to your partner. No metal bars, hard arm rests, or rickety springs to deal with – things any guest will appreciate!

When you are trying to put together your kid’s room or a family room, you want furniture that is easy to maintain, comfortable, and roomy. Yes, that suede sectional or leather barcaloungers has its place. But your kids are going to crawl all over that nice material or pull on arm rests and climb over the back. The cats are going to scratch and the dog is going to chew. Family and kids rooms are supposed to be a place for relaxing, so having high maintenance furniture just isn’t going to fly in this space. Besides, if you buy stiff couches or individual chairs, how can everyone cuddle up together and share a bowl of popcorn for a scary movie?

But that’s not to say that bean bag chairs look sloppy – they give an impressions of a relaxed, inviting room. With the mature colour palate available, you can find the perfect accents to match your space. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean and fresh and look great if you are trying to sell your home. Oversized bean bag chairs are easier to maintain than sofas. There’s no pulling out cushions to vacuum the dust and crumbs that find their way in. You won’t lose any cell phones or change in the cracks. If something spills or your bean bag chair gets dirty, it’s easy to pull off the cover and wash it – voila, just like new again.

So if you find yourself in need of some new comfy seating, consider extra large bean bag chairs – perfect for all sorts of seating arrangements!