Adult Bean Bags Make A Comeback

Not Just For Kids: Adult Bean Bags Make A Comeback

Adult bean bag chairs are the hottest thing in posh interior design these days. While the bean bag chair has been around for decades, it doesn’t have to look like a dated item in your home or office – in fact, the new bean bag designs can bring a contemporary elegance and minimalism to modern households. Because of the sheer comfort of a bean bag chair, they are booming in popularity, and the demand for style to catch up to cosiness has boomed. Nowadays, the bean bag chair has become sought after by adults to add some style to their décor! These are great for family rooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and dens. New outer linings come in all sorts of grown up fabrics: this isn’t your kids’ vinyl bean bag chair. We’re talking leather, suede, denim, and cotton to enhance comfort.

A bean bag chair is like a classic Moroccan pouf, only more supportive. They offer back, hip, and arm support, which is better than trying to balance yourself on a backless, unsupportive surface. Using bright, modern colours, these bean bags add a functional pop to any room! Some bean bags even come with a bean bag footstool to add additional comfort to your recline. Throw them in the home theatre room for an optimal movie watching experience – not laying down, not sitting up, but in the most perfect position for watching movies and television.

Most traditional bean bags are produced from polystyrene beads since they’re very lightweight, airy, and can resist compression. The completely new foam bean bag sofas are filled with the highest quality foam that’s equally as comfortable (if not more so). The foam bean bags offer some advantages – they will never “wilt” and can always be refreshed by simply picking them up and shaking them. They are also silent, unlike traditional bean bag chairs which can make a swishing sound as you move around and adjust in them. The foam can be washed and dried as well, helping you maintain the quality.

If you are thinking about adding furniture to any room, need more comfortable seating in your home or simply want to give your décor some added OOMPH! you can achieve it all with bean bag chairs. In different colours, shapes, sizes and materials, bean bags have something to suit every taste. From stylish and modern to unbelievable comfort, adult bean bag chairs have it all!